Chiropractic Testimonials

“Migraine Headaches Gone”

"I was suffering from migraine headaches for years. Friends told me to see
Dr. Benda and now my headaches are gone!"

 - Jody ~ North Vancouver

“The Results Speak For Themselves”

"Dr. Benda worked on my neck and the results speak for themselves. My neck is much, much better. Also I like the peace in the office. It’s a nice place to be worked on.

I highly recommend Dr. Benda to anyone who is looking for a chiropractor."

 - Ross ~ North Vancouver

“Better Sleep, Increased Energy & More Flexibility”

"Before I met Dr. Benda I had chronic back and neck pain, plus sinus headaches combined with fatigue. Since being treated by Dr. Benda I now have increased energy, am more flexible, sleep better, have less headaches and better posture.
I also have less neck pain."

 - Sheila ~ North Vancouver

“Compassionate, Understanding Yet Professional And Encouraging”

"Dr. Benda and staff have been enormously supportive and flexible in terms of my care. They have been compassionate, understanding, yet professional and encouraging.

I now have more harmonious family relationships."

 - Karen ~ West Vancouver

“Able To Start Playing Sports Again”

"I injured my right shoulder in sports, had very limited mobility and constant pain. Dr. Benda helped me have full recovery in a very minimal amount of time.

I have been able to start playing sports again which has contributed to my physical and emotional health.

Since starting with Dr. Benda I have also quit smoking and am looking forward to a much healthier life."

 - Ashley ~ Burnaby BC

“Skeptic At First”

"I was skeptical at first, but along with a change in diet and regular adjustments I feel great!"

 - Tom ~ North Vancouver

“Wish I Had Come Years Ago”

"I had almost constant pain in my left hip before coming to Dr. Heidi and now it’s almost gone. I’m also not as tired and can concentrate better.

I wish I had come years ago."

 - Joan ~ North Van

“No More Numbing In My Arm”

"I was having headaches, had a sore neck and numbing in my arm. After seeing Dr. Benda I have less headaches and no more numbing in my arm.

It has made such a difference."

 - Peggy ~ Vancouver

“Relieved To Know My Condition Is Getting Better”

"I had terrible headaches every day plus back, neck and shoulder pain. I don’t have headaches anymore. I can feel my back, neck and shoulders are getting better.

I’m relieved to know my condition is getting better.

I can again enjoy playing sports without getting pain."

 - Chelsea ~ North Vancouver

“From Chronic Back Pain To Running 30K Trail Races”

"I just came back from my yearly progress report with Dr. Heidi Benda, an amazing chiropractic doctor and healer.

The curvature of my spine has DRASTICALLY changed and is starting to assume its natural shape. I went from chronic back pain, sometimes paralyzing, and walking with a limp after 10 years of tree planting, to running 30k trail races and 7 day mtb stage races.

Spinal care, as I now understand it, is essential to long term health, and relates to so much more than just movement.

If you or anyone you know is looking for optimal health, I HIGHLY recommend this amazing, dedicated, progressive and very effective healer."

 - Ben ~ North Shore


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